We often lose our way and start to believe we are unloveable and even unloved. The Bible tells us a much different story; it is a story of love. There is no greater love story than the story of God’s love for us. The story starts before the foundation of the earth. God planned on us and prepared a place for us. He has wooed us to Himself and has never ever taken his loving eye off us. His love is pure and his forgiveness and grace are complete! You are loved! As you read the message below, allow your heart to hear it and trust it. Read it out loud so you can hear it. Allow it to sink into your soul.


God is my perfect Father, and I am His beloved child. He is faithful to me and will never reject me or leave me alone. He has promised to be my strength when I need him and my comfort when I am afraid. He has promised never to leave me, even in my darkest moments. His grace and mercy cover all my wounds. He takes me by my right hand and tells me he will help me. He quiets me with his love and delights in me with singing. He calls me his friend and shares the mysteries of his passion with me.

He has known me since before the foundation of the world. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in his image. I am creative because He is creative. I am loveable because He is love. I am the apple of his eye, and his focus is on me. He is with me; he is in me, and he is for me. He has created me with a purpose as part of his grand plan. I am called to be involved with Him. He is intimate, compassionate, and always available. He is the fulfillment of my every desire, and nothing can separate us. He gave his Son as a sacrifice that I can be in his eternal presence for eternity, and when he looks at me, He sees his Son’s righteousness, not my faults. I can go boldly before his throne day or night and never be afraid because he is my Abba Father. He welcomes me with open arms and upholds me when I need him. His presence is not only my comfort but also wisdom, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, love, self-control, patience, and every good gift.

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