March is here, and we are getting excited about the prospect of spring. As caregivers, it means we can get away from the mundane for a walk in nature. We can breathe some fresh air and get some fresh perspective. We may even love the idea of getting our hands in the soil in our flower or vegetable gardens and dreaming of fresh food and time away from our care receiver for small bits of time.

As excited as we may feel about the upcoming months and activities, we must also remember that our care receiver or loved one has the same anticipation and desire to enjoy the seasons. How can you include them and also give yourself a break?

March is a little late to plant seeds inside, with the plan to transplant them outside when they are big enough and strong enough. On the other hand, does it matter? Planting seeds is like inspiring hope. A few peat cups and a packet of seeds are pretty cheap and a great way to inspire hope as your loved one plants the seeds and periodically waters them. Miracle Grow might be the answer.

A well-placed chair or glider may allow your loved one to be outside and near you, but not in your face. As his health declined, my husband loved to sit in a  swing alone in a sitting garden we had. I don’t know if he was praying or sleeping, but he was very content and out in the fresh air. “Remembering” is a beautiful thing, and although the daily grind of caregiving can be overwhelming, these are the days you have together with your loved one, and they will become memories to cherish.

On the other hand, you may want to schedule your spring yard work or planting around your loved one’s nap time, giving you total freedom to enjoy the day and work at your pace. Only you know what is needed. The point is fresh air, a fresh start, a new perspective! What can you do now, even if the weather is still a little nippy, to make your spring enjoyable together?