couple in water

There is a joke that says, “Don’t make old people mad because we don’t like being old in the first place!” That is an understatement! Retirement might be great because of getting time to do what we want to do. We can travel, pursue new hobbies or spend time with old ones, spend time with family and other adventures, but age causes some setbacks. We’re not as agile as we once were. Our vision and other senses aren’t as great either. I’ve noticed wear on my wrists from crocheting! What??

Although we may not get fighting mad over these things, we cannot button our shirt like we used to or that putting our socks on causes a cramp if we can even reach our foot. The waitress’s third time asking if we’re ready to order in their dimly lit booth and their tiny print menus get irritating. Those kinds of events can cause hidden anger that turns into stress, which we ignore because we don’t like its reminding. We aren’t what we used to be. Add that stress to our fixed income with rising prices and the fear of what’s going to go wrong with our health next or the progression of the problems we already have or leaving our spouse and we have a high-intensity life.

The effects of anger and stress add up and usually cause heart problems. Great! Something else to be angry about! Well, yes and no. It’s not a recent phenomenon that people age. We live in a time when many discoveries about aging have been made and ways to counter the inevitable. We aren’t sitting ducks just waiting to die even if we can’t do all the things we dreamed.

Remember the TV show “Seinfeld” and all those episodes when he visited his uncle in a sauna sitting there with all his old friends? It turns out sweating is a great way to lower the risk of heart failure. Who knew? Research shows that sweating and heat have the same effect on our hearts as light exercise. Does that make a humid summer seem more appealing?

Getting mindful can help calm us. Simply closing our eyes and settling your mind can add to our timeline when done with regularity. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings and experience them with all your senses. Taking ten deep breaths turns out to add life to your years, not just years to your life. My preference is Bible or devotional reading, but meditating for just 25 minutes a day can help calm our spirits.

Look for the positives in your life, your spouse, your friends, and your family. Focus on what’s right in your life. Easier some days than others, but it will improve your day and relationships.

Moderation in food and drink will help in many ways. Our digestion doesn’t work as it should, and excesses tend to cause heartburn and indigestion. They’re not worth it and the effect they have on our esophagus and heart.

News to me is that beef cooked at high temps (which they often are) causes some carcinogens. Et Tu great steak?? Marinating in a bit of lemon juice is said to slash some carcinogens by 70%. A marinade of thyme, rosemary, chives, black or red pepper, and chives can cut suspected carcinogens by 88%.

Stay connected by phone or better visits with good friends and family. Volunteering is a great way to get out among people.

Everything seems to add to a better life when we are mindful of our bodies and how they feel. We should do things in moderation, stay connected, and live with new adventures even if those adventures focus on the positives or as simple as trying a new recipe. We must be our advocates for a good life!