Most of us have experienced a meal that has filled our stomachs but did not satisfy us. We have also been thirsty enough to drink the first liquid we find, but it doesn’t quench our thirst. It happens all the time to someone—someplace. I’ve eaten at buffets choosing only those items I thought I was truly hungry for only to leave stuffed but unsatisfied.

Much of life can leave us feeling that we crave something more than we are experiencing. Today I am looking at my rug and wondering what I ever saw in it enough to spend money for it. It doesn’t give me peace, and it isn’t what I want. Isn’t that why we buy things? Do we think it will bring us peace, or clout, or comfort?

I remember sitting in a teacher’s lounge as a college student and listening to a two-year veteran teacher say they hated their career choice—five years invested in something that gave him no pleasure or fulfillment.

The Prophet Isaiah asks a great question in Isaiah 55:2. “Why do you spend your money for that which isn’t bread and your labor for that which doesn’t satisfy?”

I think it’s because much of our life is not based on facts. We base our life on our interpretation of facts. Or worse in this day and age is basing our life on someone else’s interpretation of facts. We are often too busy to know the facts.

So, what are we to do?

Jesus said, as recorded in John 6:35, “I am the Bread of Life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

I’ve heard that verse much of my life. I believed it as fact, but I interpreted that fact incorrectly. I based my life on a physical or worldly interpretation. I was confident I could pick and choose what I wanted from life and make my schedule according to my cravings or lusts. Why?  Because I was concerned about my interests and comfort. There is certainly nothing wrong with most of our interests or what we believe will bring us comfort, but they are constantly changing based on our life at the time.

We were thought of before the creation of the earth by God. We were created with a purpose and given talents and aptitudes for that purpose. I love to write, and I love to teach adults about God. When I am doing either of those things, I feel more alive than at any other time. Jesus crucified and rising again is the wisest of wisdom. The world scoffs at it, but that doesn’t make it less. And at the center of this great wisdom is not a set of ideas but a person who offers us satisfaction for our deepest needs in his life and death. We are given every grace we need to be what we were created to be and make the difference God called us to do.

How do we stay focused on God?

  1. Make God your refuge—even the rich and famous need protection.
  2. Make it personal—call Him your Lord
  3. Tell Him there is nothing you desire more than Him.
  4. Set Him permanently before you.
  5. Give Him preeminence and honor Him with your life
  6. Follow Him in everything you do
  7. Stand for Him because He is in charge
  8. Relax and rejoice since you are no longer in charge
  9. Rest in Him because of these powerful truths

(list devised by Lisa Bevere)