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We made a vow; we promised in sickness and in health, we would stay with our partner for life. We love our child no matter what. They are a part of us and have stolen our hearts. BUT—
Some days are hard. Some days are lonely. Some days are beyond what we think we can give, and still, we must confer.
There are many facets of caregiving. Caring for a physically ailing spouse or friend looks much different than caring for an aging parent or someone with dementia. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is much different than caring for a special needs child. There are many books you can obtain from libraries or booksellers. This will be a blog about caring for the caregiver.
Don’t lose yourself in the process!

Planning Together

Caregiving is a lot of responsibility.  "Stronger together" is a reminder that you are not alone and should not expect to be a lone wolf caregiver. The best time to recruit help is in the planning stage. Once you are doing so much on your own, you forget that there is...

Spring Caregiving

March is here, and we are getting excited about the prospect of spring. As caregivers, it means we can get away from the mundane for a walk in nature. We can breathe some fresh air and get some fresh perspective. We may even love the idea of getting our hands in the...

Caregiving Plan

The best place to start is with a plan, no matter what we are doing. Objectives and goals can keep us on target and ease some of the unforeseen problems that will arise. But how do you make plans when you are about to embark on something you have never done before and...