Sometimes we take our life and ourselves too seriously, and truthfully there is a lot of humor in almost everything. If we can slow down and notice the fun, we can enjoy life a lot more, and we can probably laugh at ourselves more than anything else. Retirement allows us time to relax and get a new perspective on life. It also can seem like isolation, especially during the pandemic. After working with people in offices, stores, or other businesses, retirement can seem lonely and endless. The joy of grandchildren’s travel plans and volunteering keeps us feeling alive and adds humor to our lives. What could be more fun than entering a child’s world?

This is actually a dare for me. My husband and a couple of friends think I have such a great sense of humor and that I should write a humor blog. The problem is I don’t know how to be humorous. It just pops out and is often a surprise to me. So we will see.

I have learned that I need to slow down. That in itself could be a joke because, at my age, I have slowed down a lot. But, I am rarely in the moment. I am daydreaming about the next project or mulling over the past. Is that true for you? I know yoga is an excellent way to be more mindful, and I have tried it. Mindful is tying yourself in a pretzel and then untangling yourself again. Seeing my hand balancing me and my right leg up in the air keeps me in the moment, along with the initial pain.

I read that being creative can add years to your life. I know not all people feel creative, but I think we are all made in the image of a very creative God, and perhaps hidden in the depths of our soul is a bit of creativity. The best way to find out is to try a hobby. There are a few artists in my family. They paint unique portraits and still lifes. I had a friend who taught art lessons and encouraged me to try painting. I told him painting is from the soul, and I was a little afraid of what might be in there. Think Salvador Dali.

This blog is my dare to find humor in the mundane creatively. I will post some hobbies that other people are doing and some of mine to allow my readers to discover their creativity.