One part of us never ages. Maybe that is why one of my friends who just celebrated her seventy-first birthday said she doesn’t know how that can be because she thinks of herself as much younger than that. Don’t we all? Don’t we think of ourselves as much younger than the aches and restrictions of our bodies? Maybe this feeling, or whatever it is that makes us feel we can still do all the things we use to do and surprises us when we look in the mirror, is a window to something more profound in us than our physical bodies. Maybe that feeling is something timeless and eternal. Maybe this idea we have that we are younger than our years is a window to our soul and a chance to see something of ourselves we have ignored while focusing on our past physical achievements.

What is the Soul?

I have asked this question for a while, and as far as I can tell, no one knows how to describe the soul. Everyone I have talked to agrees we have a soul, but it is somewhat of a mystery. How does a soul function? A Some feel the soul is that part of us that gives expression to everything physical. Contemplators, artists, and children seem to be most in touch with their souls, or so we are told. They generally are freer about expressing themselves and often see the wonder of life more than others. Someone said that the soul is our decision-maker. Now before you start wondering if you have a soul since making decisions is very hard for you, hear me out. We have a physical part of us, and many believe, and I am one that we have a spiritual part of us, and the soul is that which decides to live a physical life or a spiritual life. In his book, Judah Smith says of the soul,” My soul is the center of who I am. It is the inner me, the real me, the invisible me that transcends the physical me.” He says something very profound as he continues, “There was no human soul until God-breathed, so God’s breath defines the human soul.” ( How’s Your Soul, Judah Smith, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, 2015)

Something to Contemplate or Meditate.

I’m just going to leave this right here for now. I will come back to this issue of the soul later. What do you think the soul is? How would you answer the question, “What is the soul?” How’s your soul?