Aging Isn’t For Wimps

couple in water

No matter what age we are, our hearts matter. Of course, we go to the doctor for our palpitations, flutters, and pains, but what about our inner man/woman? That part of us that seizes up or shudders now and then when we feel confronted with some physical task or challenge?
We can laugh, or we can cry.
Or we can prepare for the challenges ahead. Where are you feeling the need for change? Has your doctor recommended a new diet? Do you need to be more serious about doing morning stretches? Maybe a walk in nature will help soothe your cares.

Aging isn’t for wimps, and we are not wimps. There are adventures ahead!

Aging Gracefully

I was talking to a very dear friend the other day. She was talking about how she feels these days as she is aging. She is unmarried and feels alone. Her eyes are not what they used to be, and she knows her hearing isn't either. She looks at the future, and it feels as...

Adopt the Pace

 dAdopt the Pace of Nature Now it takes us longer to walk a mile in our shoes, leave alone make a difference in the world. Our interests have changed from traveling the world with a backpack to saving for a luxury cruise. We check our investments instead of checking...

Aging With Creativity

Sometimes we take our life and ourselves too seriously, and truthfully there is a lot of humor in almost everything. If we can slow down and notice the fun, we can enjoy life a lot more, and we can probably laugh at ourselves more than anything else. Retirement allows...