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sherry newcum

Life can be overwhelming, draining, and downright hard.
But we all know that!
There are two forces at work!
There is a force that comes only to steal our joy and effort, kill the life we are trying to build and achieve, and it desires to destroy all we have accomplished. We fight a constant battle for a good life and a satisfying life.
I remember walking through my dining room one sunny day in the middle of a personal crisis and hearing a voice say, “Unless something changes, you will die.” I looked around, and there was no one there. I was in good health, but I was feeling overwhelmed. I sensed no danger to my life, but I feared my soul was close to death.
The Second force….
The second force offers life and not just any life, Life Abundant. Today, years later, I have learned a lot. I’m transformed in many ways. I have partnered with the “second force” to achieve “Life Abundant.” I don’t necessarily have a desirable life, but I have learned to be happy and grateful for what I have.

I have been a caregiver in many capacities, as a full-time job and for my husband and other members of my family. I know the isolation, the whirlwind of appointments, the juggling of medications and diets. The grief of watching someone die is overwhelming, and the fear of losing myself as I poured myself into caring for someone else was real. I wrote a book on how to care for ourselves as caregivers, “Experiencing God While Caregiving.”
I have learned hope is alive in our midst—always!

My Passion Is For The Homeless

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